A night of noisy defiance at the Bernabéu turned to outright delirium as City emerged victorious from the belly of ‘the cartel’

“We ask Manchester City’s fans to remain seated at the top of the match,” the Bernabéu PA pleaded because the minutes ticked down. Ha! slim chance . Into the belly of the beast. And indeed, fuck Uefa too, as City’s fans insisted throughout the match from their perch within the gods. This was an excellent night for the insurgents from the side of Manchester, as Pep Guardiola’s team went an extended way towards effecting their own summary eviction from the Champions League. agen sbobet online terpercaya maxbetsbobet.org

City may are levered out of this competition for subsequent two years. they’ll have fallen behind against the run of play with an hour gone. Imagine the right response. Then double it, adding during a Sergio Ramos red card right ahead of the away fans, combined with the classic slow, sad, smouldering walk off.

By the top a 2-1 victory was a spectacular vindication of the qualities of this team, and a performance that by the top had the texture of an act of vengeance, a sacking of the temple of European football’s grand old white-robed aristos.

It was in some ways the right stage. When City mention a cartel, or ask the old European powers, they’re talking about places like this. The Bernabéu was a stirring spectacle at kickoff, one wave of noise barrelling round its steeply tiered stands.

Welcome to the house of the royal meringues: the club that cast the ecu Cup in its own image, that sold its training ground into public ownership to fund its modern dynasty; that defines quite the other football’s self-fuelling insider capitalism. Welcome, purple-shirted stagehands, to our stage. And you are?

Even the styling of the occasion had suggested City defiance. The players had travelled to Madrid wearing a sort of stonewashed denim suit, riffing perhaps on the semiotics of blue collar defiance, and searching either way sort of a troupe of unusually handsome soft rock roadies.

As the Champions League “anthem” soared the away fans might be seen turning their backs, giving a variety of expressive hand gestures and usually offering their own non-cryptic combat Uefa’s enforcement of its rules.

Knockout ties are tricky for Guardiola down the years. There has been a bent to blink, a conviction manager who suddenly loses faith on these defining nights. Here he left Sergio Agüero out and went with Gabriel Jesus. The warrior, the rock Fernandinho gave thanks to the source of flailing defensive alarm that’s Nicolás Otamendi. Raheem Sterling started on the bench. few wild gamble, given the strength of the starting 11.

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